Learn how to be an ally by using inclusive language, respecting pronouns, and including LGBTQIA+ people in your groups.




LGBTQIA+ advocacy is important. While LGBTQIA+ people are advocate for themselves, it's also important for allies to use their voice and advocate.



Our focus is on the personal growth of  LGBTQIA+ people in the San Antonio, TX area.

We welcome different backgrounds, spiritual paths, and magickal practices. Importance is placed on each person’s individuality and how it can strengthen the knowledge and energy shared within the group. (Your children are welcome to attend, but keep in mind that some of the topics may not be child appropriate.)


We have youth leaders that can lead kids through activities and conversations, if we are notified that kids will attend. The youth leaders are not babysitters, so please keep toddlers and small children with you.

We have a rotation of crafting, classes, discussion topics, and the occasional ritual. We have had ritual writing class, the symbolism of tools, Deities of different cultures, what are elements, different magickal creatures, personal ethics, belief systems, and how to practice without calling a deity, to name a few.

We call upon the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit in ritual. The elements can be symbolic or literal representations, from a grain of salt, a burning candle, a chalice with water, to a feather or a seashell. Spirit is the Universal energy that flows through us and all around us. It is through focusing our energy, our Will, and our intent that we hope to accomplish our goals. There is no focus on a supernatural power accomplishing our goals for us.

Each person’s belief system is just that, their own. We do not try to proselytize or demand that others believe what we believe. Therefore, we do not call upon specific deities during ritual. We are all divine beings. We are all made of stardust, therefore that light is present within everyone.

Rituals, classes, crafts, and discussion nights will ask for input from all members. Each person will receive a copy of the agenda or ritual to add to their own Grimoire, and we will go over it before ritual has begun.

Suggested materials:
* A 3-ring binder
* Dividers
* Loose leaf paper or a notebook
* Pen or pencil and highlighter


What we do:

We have youth that have been active in the LGBTQIA+ community since they were toddlers. These young leaders are living their authentic lives out and proud. They know what it's like to be a queer youth.

Community Outreach:

E-mail support

If you have a question regarding spiritual paths, magickal practices, crafting, classes, discussion topics, ritual, or advocacy, please send us an email.

Support for youth around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity

Youth group led by youth and co-facilitated by the parents of queer youth.

LGBTQ inclusive sexual education

We are not health professionals, nor do we claim to be experts. We do have life experience and feel comfortable answering honest questions about sex.

Respect for health and possible triggers...

*Traditional ritual items/ tools include, but are not limited to: candles, incense, sage, chalice with water, athame, charcoal, lighters, matches, herbs, oil, wine (we use juice), feathers, bells, and other potential allergens or triggers. We understand allergies, as well as physical and mental health concerns, therefore, we ask to be notified privately if you have a concern, so we can try our best to address it. For example: A candle or incense may be present, but not lit. A plastic knife or laminated picture of an athame may be used instead of the athame itself. (We have and can write a ritual using a Dixie cup w/ water, a lighter or a match, a plastic knife, and a salt packet as tools.) Our reasoning is, the power is in the intent and the tools are symbolic, but you are our priority.

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